Dr. Shahria Alam has been extensively involved in research related to smart materials and their structural applications, seismic rehabilitation of deteriorated structures, and performance based design of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, and masonry structures. He is a winner of many awards and scholarships, and his research contribution has been recognized by various professional bodies and institutions. Prior to join at UBC-Okanagan, Dr. Alam has worked in several industrial projects while working as a structural engineer for Halcrow Yolles (Toronto) and JNE Consulting Ltd. (Hamilton, ON). Few notable projects are Canadian Museum for Human RightsCity Center Las Vegas, and Burlington Performing Art Centre, Burlington, ON and several steel structures for US Steel Canada and Praxair Canada Inc. Currently, Dr. Alam is involved in several industrial projects in BC

Educational Background

  • PhD (2008) – Civil & Environmental Engineering – University of Western Ontario (UWO), Canada
  • MSc (2004) – Civil Engineering – Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Bangladesh
  • BSc (2001) – Civil Engineering – Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Bangladesh
Student Name Program Year Principal Supervisor Co-Supervisor(s)
Start Finish
Dr. Ahmed Bediwy16 Research Engineer Nov 2021 To date Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. Saif Aldabagh15 PDF Sept 2021 To date Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. Shuling Hu14 PDF Jan 2022 To date Dr. Songye Zhu Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. Navid Rahgozar13 PDF Dec 2021 To date Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. Emad Abraik12 PDF Nov 2021 To date Dr. Shahria Alam Dr. Asif Iqbal
Dr. Mohammad Kamali11 PDF May 2021 To date Dr. Kasun Hewage & Dr. Rehan Sadiq Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. Li Shuai10 PDF Nov 2018 To date Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. Anas Issa9 Research Engineer Sept 2020 Aug 2021 Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. Anas Issa8 PDF Jan 2018 Aug 2020 Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. M Tiznobaik7 PDF Sept 2018 Aug 2019 Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. Nima Mohajerrahbari6 PDF July 2018 Dec 2018 Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. Nailiang Xiang5 PDF Sept 2017 Mar 2018 Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. FH Dezfuli4 PDF May 2015 May 2017 Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. MN Islam3 PDF April 2013 May 2015 Dr. Shahria Alam Rudolf Seethaler
Dr. MS Islam2 PDF April 2011 Aug 2011 Dr. Shahria Alam
Dr. AR Bhuiyan1 PDF Jan 2011 Aug 2011 Dr. Shahria Alam

1Project Title: Seismic fragility assessment of SMA-bar restrained multi-span bridges fitted with various isolators

2Project Title: Modeling cyclic shear behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete beams

3Project Title: Structural health monitoring of highway bridges with advanced sensors and algorithms

4Project Title: Cyclic behavior of novel SMA-FRP based isolation bearing

5Project Title: Shape memory alloy (SMA)-based energy dissipating devices and its applications

6Project Title: Seismic performance and design of irregular highway bridges

7Project Title: Recycling of aggregates from ready-mix concrete batch

8Project Title: Performance-based seismic design of braced frames equipped with SMA bars and friction springs

9Project Title: Multiple projects for Green Construction Research & Training Center (GCRTC)

10Project Title: Life-cycle cost analysis of SMA-LRB isolated bridges with SMA RC piers

11Project Title: Life cycle cost analysis of bridges

12Project Title: Life-cycle cost analysis of SMA-LRB isolated bridges with SMA RC piers

13Project Title: Seismic resiliency of self-centering steel structures

14Project Title: Structural and nonstructural damage assessment of self-centering steel buildings equipped with self-centering systems

15Project Title: Performance-based seismic design of concrete deck arch bridges

Note: Current position of the PDFs

Dr. Ahmed Bediwy16 : Research Engineer at GCRTC

Dr. Emad Abraik12 : Structural Engineer, CIMA+, London, ON

Dr. Anas Issa8 : Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Lakehead University

Dr. M Tiznobaik7 : Full-time Lecturer, School of Engineering, UBC

Dr. Nima Mohajerrahbari6 : Bridge Engineer, Associated Engineering, Burnaby, Canada

Nailiang XiangPDF5 : Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Eng., Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

FH DezfuliPDF4: Bridge Engineer, Parsons Inc, Vancouver, BC

MN IslamPDF3: Mechanical Engineer, NRC Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Center, Penticton, BC

Abdur Rahman BhuiyanPDF2 : Prof. & Dean, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh

MS IslamPDF1: Assistant Professor, University of Bahrain, Bahrain

Miah Mohammed Riyadh

Nic Maloski

-Kiana Y Sahzabi, Project Title: Green concrete: a sustainable solution to concrete industry

-Sajad Nayebzadah, Project Title: Hybridizing FRP and Steel Rebar in Marine structures in saltwater such as Barges and floats
-Kaila Spencer, Project Title: Development of a new generation SMA-wire based isolation device
-Sosan Rizvi, Project Title: Seismic fragility assessment of SMA RC bridges
-Negar Shams, Project Title: Use of alloys for developing a self-centering bracing system
-Andrew Brandt, Project Title: Green concrete: a sustainable solution to concrete industry
-Emma Slater, Project Title: Green concrete: a sustainable solution to concrete industry
-Robert Machial, Project Title: Shear behavior of concrete elements reinforced with FRP bars
-Cameron Marshall, Project Title: Shear prediction model of FRP wrapped concrete elements
-Jason Hodgins, Project Title: Green concrete: a sustainable solution to concrete industry
-John Hillis, NSERC

Visiting Students

-Shuling Hu, visiting PhD candidate; Structural Engineering; Tongji University, Shanghai, China, (Oct 2019-To date)

-Xiaoyan Yang, visiting PhD student from Southeast University, Nanjing, China, (Oct 2018-To date)
-Junjun Guo, PhD, College of Civil Eng., Tongji University, (Oct 2018-Oct 2019)
-Subhrajyoti Jena, BSc, Civil Eng., NIT Rourkela, ( May 2019-Aug 2019)
-Kaihua Liu, PhD, School of Civil Eng., Harbin Institute of Technology, ( Oct 2017-Sept 2018)
-Jia Daoguang, PhD, Harbin Engineering University, ( Sept 2017-Sept 2018)
-Sriram Govindarajan, BASc, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India, (May 2018-Aug 2018)
-Jhordy Ismael Rodríguez Barriga, BSc, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Queretaro, Mexico, ( May 2018-Aug 2018)
-Eugénie Cottu, BSc (ENSTA Bretagne, France) , (June 2017-Aug 2017)
-Yulong Liang, PhD, Harbin Engineering University, (Sept 2016-Aug 2017)
-Li Shuai, PhD (South-east Uni., China) , (Sept 2015-Aug 2017)
-Ashish Jinda, BASc (IIT Bombay) , (May 2015-July 2015)
-Lucas Barreto, BASc (Uni of Calgary) , (May 2013-Aug 2013)
-Krishma Gupta, BASc (IIT Roorkee) , (May 2015-July 2015)
-Natalia Meinerz, BASc (Uni of Calgary) , (May 2013-Aug 2013)
-Devarsh Bhonde, BASc (IIT Kharagpur) , (May 2013-July 2013)
-Ankit Choudhary, BASc (IIT Kanpur) , (May 2013-July 2013)
-Bushra Islam, MSc, BUET, (Feb 2013-Apr 2013)
-Abhishek Saraf, BASc (IIT Kanput) , (May 2012-July 2012)

Visiting Scholar

-Ningning Feng, Lecturer, Changzhou Institute of Technology, (Aug 2019-To date)
-KM Nahiduzzaman, Assistant Professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, (Jan 2019-To date)
-Abolghassem Zabihollah, Associate Professor, Sharif University of Technology, (Jun 2017-Sept 2017)
-Khan Mahmud Amanat, Professor, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, (May 2013-Aug 2013)

PhD Program

Farshad H. Dezfuli, PhD, (Jan 2011-Apr 2015)
AHM Muntasir Billah, PhD, (Sept 2011-Aug 2015)
Saber Moradi, PhD, (Sept 2012-Mar 2016)
Anantray Parghi, PhD, (Sept 2011-Aug 2016)
Shahidul Islam, PhD, (May 2012-Mar 2017)
Rafiqul Haque, PhD, (May 2012-May 2017)
Anas Salem Issa, PhD, (Jan 2016-Dec 2018)
Shahin Zareie, PhD, (Jan 2014-Aug 2020)
Charles Rockson, PhD, (Sept 2015-May 2019)
Shahin ZA PhD, (2021)
Qi Zhang PhD, (2021)
Saif Aldabagh PhD, (2021)

MASc. Program

Moniruzzaman Moni, MASc, (Sept 2009-May 2011)
Muntasir Billah, MASc, (Sept 2010-Aug 2011)
Rafiqul Haque, MASc, (Sept 2010-Mar 2012)
Samy Reza, MASc, (Sept 2010-Feb 2012)
Nurul Alam, MASc, (Sept 2010-Dec 2011)
Md. Shahnewaz, MASc, (Sept 2011-Apr 2013)
Afrin Hossain, MASc, (Sept 2011-Jul 2013)
Sumaiya Binte Huda, MASc, (Jan 2012-Feb 2014)
Mehdi Tehrani, MASc, (Sept 2011-Jan 2015 )
Kader Siddiquee, MASc, (Sept 2012-Mar 2015)
Qi Zhang, MASc, (Sept 2013-Dec 2015)
Hafiz Sohail H. Aslam, MASc, (Sept 2013-Jan 2016)
Sadaf Moallemi Pour, MASc, (Sept 2013-Apr 2016)
Salamah Meherier, MASc, (May 2014-Jun 2016)
Md. Rashedul Kabir, MASc, (Sept 2015-Oct 2017)
Mosharef Hossain, MASc, (Sept 2015-Sept 2017 )
Maher AL-Hawarneh, MASc, (Sept 2015-Feb 2018)
Kishoare Tamanna, MASc, (Sept 2016-Dec 2018)
Arman Chowdhury, MASc, (Sept 2016-Nov 2018)
Sandun Tharaka WannniarachchiM, MASc, (Sept 2017-Aug 2019)
Remy Kennedy-Kuiper, MASc, (Sept 2017-May 2020)

M. Eng. Program

Husnain Arshad, M.Eng., (Sept 2014-Aug 2015)
Sabbir Zaman, M.Eng., (Sept 2016-Dec 2017)
Mohammed Alghamdi, M.Eng., (Jan 2018-Jun 2018)
Irmandeep Singh Saini, M.Eng., (Sept 2018-Dec 2019)
Avninder Singh, M.Eng., (Sept 2018-Dec 2019)
Muhammad Haris Anwar, M.Eng., (Sept 2018-Dec 2019)