Seismic Strengthening / Retrofitting

Research Project Title: Seismic Repair and Retrofit of Circular Reinforced Concrete Columns Using Ferrocement

Research Abstract:

Many concrete bridges in Canada are approaching their design lifespan, and need repair or replacement, as they no longer meet current design standards, potentially leading to economic and life losses. Several existing repair and retrofit techniques are cost preventative or require more space than is available to apply. The research studied in Remy’s project explores an economical and efficient retrofit technique for circular concrete columns that have been damaged by a seismic event or no longer meet design standards. The retrofit method studied in his research comprises of a cement mortar jacket, reinforced with a fine steel mesh. This method of column retrofit, ferrocement jacketing, is easily adoptable by the construction industry, as the materials required for the process are readily available in most countries at a relatively low cost. Furthermore, the application requires less space, fewer tools, and less preparation than conventional methods. This method confines the existing column within the new ferrocement jacket. The strength of the existing deficient column is increased because of the confinement due to the increased shear reinforcement provided by the jacket. This technique can also enhance the ductility and energy dissipation of the column.

Ferrocement coupon test

Concrete with recycled aggregates-Failure Mode

Retrofitting of RCA Column



Project Team:

[1] M. Shahria Alam

[2] Rémy Kennedy-Kuiper