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New UBCO research suggests recycled concrete could be a sustainable way to keep rubble out of landfills
Sep 21, 2021
                      Researchers at UBC Okanagan’s School of Engineering conducted side-by-side comparisons of recycled and conventional concrete within two common applications—a building foundation and a municipal sidewalk. They found that the recycled concrete had comparable strength and durability after five years of being in service.   […]

New research collaboration seeks to safeguard bridges against earthquakes

                            In an effort to address the possibility of a catastrophic seismic event in BC, and its ensuing infrastructure impact, researcher Shahria Alam and his team from the School of Engineering’s Applied Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Structures (ALAMS) have teamed up […]

2018 Researcher of the year- Dr. Shahria Alam
Sep 23, 2018
Dr.Shahria Alam, awarded the 2018 Researcher of the year, is an Associate Professor at UBC-O extensively involved in research related to smart materials and their structural applications, seismic rehabilitation of deteriorated structures, and performance-based design of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, and masonry structures.

Largest Laboratory in UBC-O -ALAMS
Sep 22, 2018
The School of Engineering has a specialized structural test facility referred to as Applied Laboratory for Advanced Materials & Structures (ALAMS).  This is the largest laboratory on campus measuring 6418 sq. ft. (599 m2) with a 3 story ceiling that contains a specialized reaction floor.

Union of innovative young minds
Aug 04, 2013
The Applied Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Structures (ALAMS) provide a huge platform for young innovative minds to work, design, analyse and experiment real life Civil Engineering dilemmas.