Maryam Golestani

Maryam Golestani is a PhD student at The University of British Columbia (UBC Okanagan). Her research is focused on the development of dynamic testing procedures that fall in the category of fast hybrid simulation. She has also worked on the seismic assessment of buildings in the near-fault area and also the effect of SMA reinforced concrete on the performance of bridge piers subjected to fling step pulses in the near-fault area.


-Golestani, M., Alam, M.S., and Calvi, G.M. “Dynamic Displacement Testing: An Alternative Method for Seismic Simulation Test ,” Submitted to the Journal of Earthquake Engineering
-Golestani, M. and Alam, M.S., “Effect of SMA on the concrete bridge piers subjected to fling step containing records,” accepted, 12th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Quebec, QC, June 17-Aug 20 2019
-Golestani, M. and Alam, M.S., “Effects of Fling Step on the Seismic Response of Shape Memory Alloy-Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers,” accepted, 10th Intl Conference on Short and Medium Span Bridges, Quebec, QC, July 31-Aug 3 2018.